Understanding Longview property appreciation

Over time, the value of a piece of real estate will go up and down. House values appreciate in the long term usually. But, in real estate there are no guarantees.

When your property appreciates you have a greater asset to borrow against, and you'll produce a better profit when you sell. There is a variety of reasons why property values in Longview rise and fall. So, how do you know what you're purchasing this year will appreciate over time? Choosing a real estate agent in Longview who understands the factors that affect local prices is the most important thing to consider.


What is the biggest factor affecting real estate appreciation? Many assume that it's the economy. Obviously, there are many factors on a national level that alter your house's value: unemployment, mortgage rates, quarterly earnings reports, and more. But the most significant factors that figure your property's value are particular to the local Longview economy and housing market.

Let Premier Legacy Real Estate LLC help you with your first home purchase in Longview Access to services - Many home buyers choose to live in districts with the most useful components for households to grow, such as a close proximity to jobs and schools. So these regions usually appreciate, or carry their value consistently, year to year.

The latest home sales - You should receive reports on the recent real estate sales in the areas that you're interested in from your REALTOR®. You'll want to know things like time on market and seller discounts.

History of appreciation - In the past 5-10 years, have house prices increased or decreased? Does location or affordability affect how desirable the neighborhood is considered?

Local economy - Is there a fair mixture of jobs in an area, or does it rely on just one industry? Have companies moved into or away from an area? Are local businesses hiring? Each of these elements plays a role.

Knowing the factors that influence your home's value is important. Click here to get an estimation of your house's value. Please call me at (903) 704-4274 or e-mail me with any questions.